Motorized Roadbook Holder, RB-TT "MvG"

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Part Number: 020-0012
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This motorized roadbook holder from Touratech utilizes step motors that can advance and reverse your roadbooks in adjustable increments, making this the ultimate roadbook holder for rally racing, or any other navigation application.

Using an intelligent control that recognizes the entire length of the roadbook and
the start and end positions, the special step motors ensure that an even feeder speed is achieved for your specific roadbook, while much higher step motor speeds are used for fast rewinding.

A quick press of the remote control button on your handlebars moves the Roadbook forward by one frame (The frame height can be custom programmed). This greatly increases your safety and concentration while racing, since you will not be so distracted while trying to move on to the next frame.

The the integrated Roadbook lighting adjusts automatically to the prevailing light conditions, ensuring that you will always see the directions.
  • Remote control and manual operation
  • Movable tension pulley with non-contact sensor for consistent paper tension
  • Feed speed not dependent on the diameter of the winding roll
  • Single-image feed with adjustable picture height
  • Lighting adapts automatically to the brightness of the surroundings
  • Tremendous capacity of up to 80 sheets of DIN A5 (approx. 55 ft.)
  • Housing dimensions (L x W x H) 8.2 x 5.8 x 3.2 inches