Skidplate/ Crashbar Mounting Replacement Part, R1200GS, F800GS 15/F M8 (each)

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Part Number: 040-0027
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Replacement part for tearaway rubber buffers.

Our relationship with BMW has provided many benefits, one of which provides design details to our engineers. Because the engine is so large, and carried low, there is no 'frame' beneath the engine. Engine protection is a must, and BMW has recommended that engine protection should be "soft mounted" to the engine sump. The connection to the engine should not be so strong that the protection itself (upon impact) damages the engine. Thus the buffer is the sacrificial element to support the engine guard.

We recommend carrying a kit of the FOUR buffers on long off-road riding tours. The required parts consist of two OEM BMW buffers and two Touratech buffers 040-0027. Please order the BMW parts from your BMW dealer:

  • BMW: 11 11 7 682 158 rubber buffer (M8 SW21 H15) - quantity 1
  • BMW: 11 11 7 666 292 bump stop (25X15) - quantity 1


We recommend inspecting the condition of your buffers at each oil filter change

For further protection, consider 044-0300 Engine Guard Reinforcement. This additional reinforcement utilizes two strong steel plates and energy absorbing tough rubber.

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