040-1203 is the center lights only. Also shown in this picture are 040-2004 (right) and 040-3004 (left) auxilliary fog lights. It is not possible to install two HID lights (040-1203 AND 040-1504 aux HID).

Xenon(HID)/DE headlight for F650GS (2-Spark) 05-

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Part Number: 040-1203
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BMW F650GS dual headlight DE projektor low-beam headlight and Xenon (HID) hi-beam light. A brilliant combination of a stylish look, high quality and high-tech.DE dipped low beam headlight for optimum illumination. Xenon (HID) main beam light turns night into day. It is the brightest headlight available. This single HID headlight is brighter than two auxilliary lights, yet draws only 60w.All parts included to install the lights, light bezel, and the ballast bracket. The Xenon ballast fits tightly in the space just behind the steering head with our special aluminum bracket.All Touratech HID xenon lights come with an HID ballast that has specially reinforced circuitry for use on a motorcycle. This special feature is only available from Touratech and ensures that your HID lighting system (which includes the ballast that fires the bulb at 20,000 volts) will stand up to the rigors of use on a long-distance enduro touring motorcycle.
On the F650GS, for electrical power management reasons, with 040-1203 we recommend a maximum of one additional light.

The high-efficiency HID lamp takes about 90Watts to start, then after a few seconds, drops to a sustained 60W draw, while producing more light than 150 watts of Halogen lighting. Furthermore, the color temperature is more like daylight, so driving at night is more comfortable.
  • Diaxial Ellipsoid (DE) projector lamp
  • Standard H3 55W bulb in low-beam
  • HID Xenon Hi-beam
  • Black ABS eye-socket
  • CNC internal mounting frame (preassembled)
  • The brightest headlight available
  • Installation of auxiliary HID is not possible in combination with this twin headlight HID/DE
  • 60W sustained draw