Side Panels R1200GS / R1200GS ADV White (2004-2007)

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Part Number: 040-2693
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Packaging List
This product includes:
  • Left side panel
  • Right side panel
  • Mounting brackets and hardware
  • Shock adjustment tool and adapters
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Special side panels that further accentuate the fine lines of the R1200GS. Allows access to the onboard power socket as well as the shock absorber is adjustment. Side panels reduce the amount of water thrown by the tire onto your legs. Available in matte Black, Silver, White and Gray. The side panels perfectly match the tank fairing parts and the aluminium tank cover. Also fits with the BMW and Touratech pannier racks.

NOTE: Does not work properly with BMW low seat. Shock preload adjustment method is changed a little when using the side panels. Preload is adjusted using the 18mm socket wrench provided by BMW. However, BMW has deleted this tool for newer models of R1200GS.
  • Access to the electrical system socket
  • Access to the shock adjustment (with tool)
  • Available in Black (040-2691) or Silver
  • Fits with the 1200 series luggage carriers