Compared with the light from conventional bulbs, xenon light has two decisive advantages: a xenon bulb provides more than twice as much light as a modern H7 bulb, but consumes only about one third of the power. And the light emitted by the xenon bulb has a color temperature which is similar to that of daylight. This HID xenon high beam has no D.O.T. certification, thus is sold for "off-highway use".

Hid (Xenon) Integral Lamp Kit R1150gs (To 2003, And Adaptable From 2004-On)

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Part Number: 040-4601
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For 2004-on R1150GS and R1150GS Adventure see note below. This kit is remarkable in that no one can even tell you have it. Until they see the freeway signs illuminated much brighter by your headlight, and you're a quarter mile behind them!! This is not an "adapter kit" is is a complete light and reflector. You won't end up with an HID bulb unmatched to your reflector. Please see the Kit photo.

Integrated Xenon HID headlight kit, substantially brighter than halogen driving lights. One HID light has 3x the lighting power of a pair of 55w halogen auxiliary lamps. This integrated HID driving light is the best choice for the R1150GS and Adventure; it does not add an additional power draw to the bike (since it replaces the OEM high beam), its wide reflector creates a very wide, long beam of light, to completely light the sides of the road and far ahead.

  • Includes quality HID lamp system by Hella┬«
  • Complete replacement of original hi-beam lamp (the smaller lamp)
  • Mounting: Custom aluminum for the R1150GS
  • HID transformer fits tightly in frame cavity behind the R1150GS steering head
  • Similar to 040-1503, but this reflector and lens is larger thus more light projected

Xenon is the main type of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting. Xenon is
the gas which is used to stabilize the electric arc which creates the light. Unlike conventional
headlamps, there is no filament in an HID lamp, and since 2001, we have yet to hear of one 'burning out' (because there is nothing to burn out!). The startup voltage to the
bulb is about 20,000 volts, but then it stabilizes at about 10,000
volts producing a much whiter, smoother beam pattern than halogen
lighting. The result is much less eye strain when travelling at night.

All Touratech HID xenon lights come with an HID ballast that has specially reinforced circuitry for use on a motorcycle. This special preparation is only available from Touratech.
Special note for 2004 and newer models
For R1150GS USA model years 2004-on, the 7.5amp high beam fuse cannot support the HID lamp and ballast. Customers have replaced the high beam fuse with a 15amp fuse (available from any auto parts store) and we have not heard of problems. If you prefer to retain the original 7.5A fuse, click here to BUY the relay kit. Kit sold ONLY with 040-4601.
The high-efficiency HID lamp takes about 90Watts to start, then after a few seconds, drops to a sustained 60W draw, while producing more light than 150 watts of Halogen lighting. Furthermore, the color temperature is more like daylight, so driving at night is more comfortable.
  • The BRIGHTEST headlight available
  • Includes all mounting hardware

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