Photo shows pillion pegs installed (which are not included in the kit)

Pannier rack Stainless Steel KTM 690 Enduro

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Part Number: 051-0170
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The pannier rack for the KTM 690 Enduro is made of 18 mm stainless steel tube for increased stability even off the "beaten track". 18mm tubing is the required diameter to fit TOURATECH Zega cases (and KTM hard Zega cases).

The reason for this sturdy design is that the 690 Enduro does NOT have a structural rear subframe - the fuel tank is the rear frame. This special rack designed by TOURATECH increases the cargo carry capacity, enabling the fantastic 690 to be used as a traveling motorcycle.

The rack design employs a dual-strut frame on each side of the motorcycle to gather support from the KTM main frame near the rider footpegs. The double struts are connected to each other to minimize the twisting vibrations inherent with luggage applications (a bouncing motion with one pannier moving up while the other is moving down). A pillion peg mount is integrated into this structural component. In addition, it carries a large portion of the weight, as opposed to a single strut which has no torsional rigidity and puts all of the cargo load onto the plastic fuel tank. Across the rear, a cross bar behind the number plate ties the left rack to the right. The height position was chosen to ensure pannier clearance in tight curves and allow ground clearance in off-road terrain.
The cargo capacity of the 690 is increased substantially by the use of this rack, but even so, it is recommended that only the smaller pannier sizes are used, and to "pack lightly" on this lightweight motorcycle. The fitted width of the pannier rack is 48 cm.
  • Load-bearing lower struts
  • 18mm Stainless Steel tubing
  • Includes all mounting
  • Includes fittings for pillion pegs