Complete Pannier System R1150GS 2x35L, Special Set

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Part Number: 052-0015
This item has been discontinued.
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Packaging List
This product includes:
  • Special 35L exhaust pannier contoured to original BMW muffler
  • Contoured Exhaust side rack
  • Exhaust extension for original BMW muffler
  • Right side 35L pannier
  • Right side pannier rack
  • Rear crossbar
  • All mounting parts and hardware
  • Smaller rear blinkers
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Legendary Luggage:
Touratech panniers are simply the best adventure travel luggage you can buy for your R1150GS/ADV. Our panniers are better engineered, better tested, and better manufactured than any other company's, proven by such Globetrotters as Helge Pedersen, Ewan McGregor & Charlie Boorman (the latter two used Touratech panniers for their journey around the world, chronicled in the TV program Long Way 'Round & Long Way Down) and Lisa & Simon Thomas of 2Ridetheworld. Motorcycle adventurers regard these legendary Touratech panniers as one of their most essential and prized accessories.

The Touratech pannier system features extremely strong, lightweight and simple aluminum panniers that are built in Germany and mount on the strongest racks in the industry.

German-built 18mm diameter steel tube racks with 2mm thick sidewalls that form a rectangular "hoop" on either side of the bike to attach the panniers to. The racks attach at existing frame points on the bike and does not require any drilling or cutting to install. Innovative cross-braced rack system shares the load from one side to another so that the whole motorcycle subframe carries to load or impact in a fall. In the event of a tip over or accident the pannier boxes cannot be pushed inwards damaging the rack, wheel or the motorcycle subframe. This means that in a worst-case accident scenario the box itself might be damaged but the more important parts of the motorcycle are likely to be saved.
Mounting systems from other manufacturers that emphasize a "minimalist" look when the boxes are off the bike and cannot offer this level of strength and safety. Broken pannier rack, damaged wheel, final drive or subframe can be the result and possibly a real problem far out on your adventure.

The light yet strong aluminum panniers attach to the racks at 4 points using heavy-duty composite and steel mounting brackets that offer very secure fitting and can be quickly released to take the boxes off. The four pannier mounting brackets are installed wide apart on the pannier wall to allow maximum load share. This is the same principle as with the racks and greatly reduces the danger of one mounting point ripping off in a fall. Square shape of pannier and no welds on corner bends also means that they can often be hammered back into shape after a more serious fall and you can keep going on your adventure.

Dimensions & Features:
The pannier boxes are a natural aluminum metallic color and have a lift-off lid and a wide, square shape that makes packing and unpacking a cinch. The high ground clearance of the boxes means you won't risk touching down a corner during fast riding or bottoming out the boxes going through deep sand or ruts. The 41L panniers mount such that they are narrower than the handlebars of the bike, meaning they do not add any extra width to the bike. They install without any cutting or drilling with new narrower flexible stalk blinkers. The overall width of the 35 liter special system is 32 inches. The lid closes with two strong latches and when closed the top edge of the box seats into a silicone seal in the lid that results in a completely watertight box. Touratech testers and customers have routinely driven these panniers through pouring rains and raging rivers, without a drop of water inside. The loop handles on the lids are ideal for lashing down a dry bag or other supplies. Minimalist adventurers also love the additional benefits of the square panniers. Removable flat lids are very handy as camping trays or the other pannier can be used as a camping table or a stool a comfy heated one with few hot rocks from a campfire in it!
To accommodate the muffler on the left side of the bike the left side box has a cut-out machined into the aluminum (capacity reduced by about 2L) and the rack wraps around the muffler to make the box sit as close to the subframe of the bike as possible and give the bike a symmetrical, even look. Exhaust extension directs the hot exhaust gases away from the pannier keeping it cool. They special system pannier ONLY fits with stock R1150GS muffler.

For the complete touring kit also add the following:
055-0044 - 2-pack of locks for each case so the panniers can be locked when you are away from the bike. If you ourder 2 sets (2+2= 4 locks) we will send a matched set.
Order two 055-0010 35L liner bags. Makes pre-trip packing and taking all of your stuff into your house or hotel room much easier.

  • Two 35L ZEGA Cases
  • Cut-out on left pannier to fit original BMW muffler only
  • Total width of the 35L Special Set is 32 inches
  • Easy, Bolt-on installation