The ultimate solution for mounting your Garmin 60 series GPS on a motorcycle.

Touratech Locking Mount for Garmin 60C series

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Part Number: 065-0077
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At Touratech, we are huge fans of the 60 series GPS units! This is why we built the best possible locking mount for this GPS model.

Constructed from laser-cut stainless steel and aluminum, the Touratech mount secures the GPS into the mount with a positive closure that locks with a key.

The mount also protects the GPS from vibration with Touratech's vibration isolation technology which is built into the unit.

The Touratech locking mount is the ultimate solution for 60C, 60CS, 60CX, 60CSX GPS units.

The Touratech mount comes with all the hardware to bolt directly to a cross bar or Touratech GPS mount adapter. The GPS mount can also be adapted to nearly any motorcycle with RAM components or the GEEAD tripleclamp mount system.
  • Fits 60C, 60CS, 60CX, 60CSX
  • Key-lock, can be matched to Touratech pannier locks
  • Vibration reducing rubber buffers
  • Engineered linkage mechanism
  • Attaches to 1/2 inch crossbar or Touratech GPS mount adapter
  • To fit larger diameter bar, mount can be adapted with (RAM mount GRBH part # 065-0040.) Add (part # GCSEC) to GRBH to restore locking security
  • Mount holds powercord in place
  • Includes rubber cap for powercord
  • Made at the Touratech factory in Germany

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