Touratech Test Tour in Bolivia - computer DvD only! (PAL format)

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[*]This DVD can be viewed in a computer DVD player but may not play in many USA DVD players which could have a regional coding blockage.
[*]Five language options includedBolivia is a country of extremes in the heart of South America. Snowcovered mountain tops, dense rain forests and the semi-desert of the Altiplano all jostle for position in the most confined space.Herbert Schwarz and Astrid Neudecker travelled through these fascinating landscapes on lonely trails with their motor bikes. This film takes you on a trip away from the well-trodden tourist paths. Experience the challenge of the famous clay tracks of the tropical lowlands, cross raging rivers in the middle of the rainforest with the two motor cyclists and share the fascination of meeting people of another culture.From La Paz the journey goes through the Yungas road cut into vertical cliffs, to the gold mining region on the Rio Mapiri and through dense rainforest areas at the foot of the Andes. After a steep climb of more than 3000 metres, it goes through the highlands along Lake Titicaca until the end of the navigable road network is reached after a laborious journey through the glacier world of the Cordilleras.Five language options on the disc (German, English, Italian, French, Spanish).
NOTE: This DVD can be viewed only in a computer DVD player. Most USA DVD players and TVs cannot play PAL format DVDs. And it probably won't play in many USA TVs and DVD players which could have a regional coding blockage. So we warn in advance that you can only view it on your computer.

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