Photo from installation PDF, showing the green pre-filter positioned at the absolute bottom of the 41L tank. The "float" is not installed in this photo.

Fuel Pickup EXTENSION for TOURATECH Tank 41L (mainly for tanks purchased prior to 2005)

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Part Number: 100-0014
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For many years, the Polyamide Nylon TOURATECH 41L tank has been the Standard for R11xxGS fuel tanks; the largest, toughest tank available. But, BMW's in-tank fuel pump posed a problem (as compared to a tank which drains from below) in getting all the fuel out, leaving about 2 or 3 liters remaining. There are tricks you can do to access more fuel, such as leaning the bike to the right (opposite the sidestand), wait for the fuel to cross over, then disconnecting the cross-tube.

Adding the extension kit gains access to almost all of the fuel in the 41L tank, without stopping. If your tank was purchased, from Touratech-USA, prior to 2005, it's possible that you could benefit from this kit.Please see instructions at right.
NOTE: Aside from the purchase date, it is difficult to determine whether you already have this kit. It resides inside the tank and is not visible through the filler hole. However, the pump position may give an indication to the presence of this extension kit. The fuel pump is installed at normal "level" position with this 100-0014 kit. If your fuel pump is 'rotated one hole-position downward', this suggests that your tank does not have this 'pickup extension'.
  • Kit upgrades TOURATECH 41L tanks from 2001-2004 to dip the pump deeper into fuel
  • These kits are produced only once or twice yearly
  • If you want one, please place a firm order

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