Crash bars for large tanks KTM LC8 Adventure 950/990

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Part Number: 370-0310
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Rugged Steel crashbars for the SAFARI LC8 tanks (370-030_ 45L LC8 tank set). Super-strong steel protection, made by TOURATECH. These bars are almost identical to the KTM OEM crashbars, (which are ALSO made by TOURATECH) except they are a little wider to allow for the big SAFARI tank set.
IMPORTANT NOTE: TOURATECH designed these bars to be as tight as possible around the tanks. And SAFARI always aspires to make the biggest tank! There are 3 manufacturers involved:
  • Mfg tolerances of the bars
  • Mfg tolerances of the KTM frame attach points
  • Mfg tolerances of the SAFARI tanks

On our own LC8 we found that the bars touch the tanks in some locations but were able to obtain a satisfactory installation (in our case). Please accept the final task of mating these two aftermarket parts to your KTM prior to ordering the crashbars. We regret this mismatch, but we have no other options for these two specialty LC8 items.
  • Strong Steel tubing
  • Gloss black epoxy coating
  • For SAFARI LC8 tank set