3M paint protection film, complete set, FJR1300A

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The painted parts of a motorbike are exposed to constant stresses: stones, fat flies, sharp clothing or contact with the ground can permanently damage the sensitive painted parts. This made us decide to offer our own set of paint protection films for the FJR 1300 A. There are two differences between our set and other ones on the market: Firstly, we use an entirely new protective film by 3M that has only recently become available on the market, and was specially developed for automotive use. Secondly, we collaborated with the company LackProtect to develop a set that makes it as easy as possible to apply the films. Regarding the film: no other product offers as much protection whilst being hardly visible. With this transparent, high-performance protective film an additional layer of clear varnish provides the maximum gloss and transparency. Unlike PU paint protection film, this paint protection film wont turn yellow over time, but will maintain its UV resistance and transparency for years - guaranteed! WARNING: Although the items are specially cut, applying the protective film still takes some time and patience. If in doubt, please ask a specialist to help you apply the films. The set comes with detailed instructions and a doctor blade. It contains film segments for all the painted parts on your motorbike, including the panniers.

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