Bolt GC10125 shown attaching the GRAB9 "45 degree" mount to an un-used mirror hole on an FJR1300.

Mirror hole M10X1.25, 20mm long

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Part Number: GC10125
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This bolt screws into the standard mirror thread of many motorcycles' un-used "mirror holes". It's an un-common thread size, but most motorcycle mirrors use this thread..
Note: Some motorcycles, Yamaha for example use a "left hand thread" on the throttle side, consequently, this bolt does not fit the throttle-side on a Yamaha.
Notes regarding use with GRAB9: To insert this 10mm bolt into the 9mm hole, the hole must be enlarged slightly, which is easy to do with a round file. Care must be taken not to allow the large bolt head (17mm) or large washers to damage the GRAB9 as it is being tightened.
  • M10X1.25 thread
  • 20mm long
  • With 2 washers

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