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3.00 x 21 Tube

3.00 x 21 Tube

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Item # TUBE-21

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3.00 X 21 inch FRONT TUBE which can be used for the rear tire in an emergency, to get you home. A 21" tube installed in the rear wheel (17,18, 19) lasts long enough to get you out of the woods, and being smaller, is much easier to carry than a rear tube. A front tube fits in the rear easier than a rear tube fits in the front, making it the obvious choice to carry for emergency use. Besides it is the proper tube for 50% of the wheels on your motorcycle!

A 21" tube in the rear won't resist pinchflats very well but they last long enough, we've ridden 1700 miles with a front tube in the rear.

Product Features
  • Perfect for all 21" front wheels
  • Emergency use up to 140/70 X 17"
  • Emergency use up to 140/70 X 18"
  • Reasonably small carry size

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